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I was inspired to start blogging after reading a few very wonderful, very funny, very informative blogs.  Some of them have a home decor or DIY theme, but others are pretty random (yet, still wonderful).  I encourage you to check them out.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

In no particular order:

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes - A home owners blog based on remodeling an 1890s Victorian.  Victoria is honest, humorous, and beyond creative. I have never read a blog quite like hers.  I understand her humor. She writes like I think, and I giggle with joy each time I receive a new post update. She is: a huge Elvis fan, a cat lover, obsessed with Mad Men, and has a Craigslist addiction.  What's not to love?

Simply LeAnne - LeAnne and I went to Elementary school together in the late 80s and early 90s.  And thanks to the genius of social media, we've been able to catch up and keep up.  LeAnne is an expat living in Cairo, Egypt.  She touches on everyday life in Egypt, provides helpful links and advice for those traveling to or staying there. She also keeps us Westerners up to date on what's really happening in the governmentally challenged country.  Even if you're not interested in visiting or living in Egypt, you should read this blog.

Young House Love - Self described as a DIY diary, this young couple is entertaining, endearing, and almost too cute.  Each post is both entertaining and helpful, and there are posts are written by both John and Sherry, so you get a dose of each of their perspectives.  What I love about this blog is that each DIY project is broken down step by step, and they have provided a list of supplies and paint colors used in their TWO home renos. There are great pictures on their blog as well.  (Disclaimer: Young House Love is oozing with sugary sweet, perfect couple/perfect house posts. If blogs/couples that are "too perfect" are not your cup of tea, don't say I didn't warn you.)

My Name Is Lentil  or the updated version of this blog is here.  - This is the incredible story of little Lentil, a French Bulldog puppy born with a severe cleft hard and soft palate and deformed nose.  Little Lentil was the only puppy in his litter to survive.  The blog is the endearing story of Lentil and his Mom as they spread the word and raise awareness of clefts in both animals and humans and the importance of healthy dog breeding. (Although, my personal views are that breeders are one of the main causes of pet over population, breeding is a multi-million dollar industry, and won't be stopped anytime soon.)  "Bean" has grown in popularity and been featured on national news programs.  He also raises money for cleft charities and is an "ambassadog" for children with clefts.  Read this blog. Friend him on Facebook. Lentil Bean will restore your faith in humanity.

Imperfectly Nice - Oh, man, do I love this blog!  April Lollar is a friend of mine, and this lady has a way with words. She writes with wit, sincerity, irony, and her own personal brand of humor all rolled into one.  She is a true Southern Bell living in the 21st century. She writes so elegantly and with such honesty, that the words just flow off the page, and swirl around in your brain, making your lips curl into an instant smile.   Follow her blog, and I promise you'll grow to love her as much as I do.

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