Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm The World's Worst Blogger: A List of Reasons to Believe Me

Wow, its been a while since you guys have been updated.  And there are so many things I need to write about!  I believe my last post was on April 1st.  I should have entitled it "The Last Post You'll See for a While: This Is Not An April Fool's Joke."

So, in an effort to bring you all up to speed, I'll hit the high points.

Matt finished building his boat:

Its been so long since the first post about Matt's boat, that I almost forgot I had written about it!  (Seriously, that post was written in July of last year...) But I am so very proud of him, that I couldn't leave it out of this update.  We've named her the Santiago (two points for you if you know why!).  She's a sea-worthy vessel that has been used to hang many limb lines in the last year.

Construction on the Bayou:

It all started with Matt's hatred for Popcorn trees.  No seriously, if you get him on the subject he'll tell you that all it takes is one drop of a limb, and that's reason enough to take one down.  He validates this by telling me that a Popcorn tree is an invasive species, and even his friends who are foresters have told him to "cut them all down!"  So, he cut down my favorite shade tree (I happen to like popcorn trees), and built a beautiful new deck extension over its sad little stump.

I have also been promised a hot tub to go on the new extension, which I quickly tried to upgrade to an above-ground pool.  Matt didn't take to that very well, so I'll just keep working on it.

Disclaimer:  If I actually get the hot tub/pool, you're more than welcome to come partake, however, guests will be required to be the lucky person to check for snakes in the hot tub/pool in return for the relaxation you're sure to enjoy.  Its a small price to pay, I think. 

Even Chopper pitched in. 

The newest addition to our Bayou family:

One afternoon, Matt tells me he's found us another dog, and she's a full-blooded Pit.  You have no idea how excited I was! We set up a meet and greet, then a few home visits and spend-the-nights through her foster mom. And then we all fell in love (except for maybe Chopper) and now she's officially home.

Her name is Eudie and she's a hot mess.  You've never met a dog quite like her, trust me.  She probably weighs 40 pounds soaking wet and with a full belly.  But this little girl is a firecracker!  She has eaten our coffee table, the cord off of two lamps, an air conditioner, a heater, a DVD player, and an extension cord in its entirety.  She's also the reason we had to install an electric fence.  She may be tiny, but she's a jumper.

Eudie also likes to lay in the water, not swim, just lay. She has certainly made life more interesting, and we've put off buying new furniture (or anything valuable, really) until she's completely out of the puppy phase.

No worries, Eudie will have her own blog post (with an explanation of her name), just like Chopper, Domino, and Gumbo, very soon.   

Kisses with Daddy!!

God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise:

We had an awful lot of rain last month.  So much rain, that I was actually happy to have renewed our FEMA flood policy the week before.  We know there's always a possibility that our property might flood, but the good Lord above made us aware of how easily it could happen.  Makes me think that Matt was channeling Noah when he built that boat.  

But the funniest thing about all of this rain and the flood water is brought is that Matt had planted grass and put a raised bed garden in the back yard. Quite literally, the DAY AFTER the grass was planted is when the flood came.  Well, after the water receded, he moved the raised bed garden (took it up completely) and planted more grass seed.

Well, wouldn't you flooded again.  This happened three times, and finally we came to understand that with two pit bulls and rising river water, we may never have grass in our back yard.

The water had gone down a bit by the time I took this picture.  See the yellow wheel barrow? Directly behind that is a roped off section for where the grass seed was planted, and the wooden box was supposed to be the garden.

Poor Eudie loves the water so much, that she found herself stuck on the boat dock.  I temporarily overcame my fear of water and came to her rescue.

Murphy Family Vacation 2014:

My travel-loving parents decided that we should all go on a family cruise.  So for Christmas, they paid a portion of our trip, and we booked a seven day voyage to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize.  The six month wait before we actually took the trip was excruciatingly long. We were all so ready to go!  

Of course, Matt's schedule is never set in stone, so we played a game of cruise roulette.  Will he be able to go?  Should we go ahead and cancel?  Claim our travel insurance and cut our losses? 

After being married to an oilfield man for a while, I've realized that when you're in this situation, you really should just roll with the punches.  We couldn't have gotten a full refund, but we could have called in our travel insurance and gotten a hefty portion, but then if he were able to get the time off, we would be stuck at home, when everyone else was cruisin'.   

So, I guess you know what happened next?  

Nochi Cocom (Cozumel, Mexico)

So, I was more than a little sweaty/salty/sandy, but I was having such a great time!
He stole my hat and ordered a Sex on the Beach.  

Duty Free Liquor!  We brought back seven bottles Johnnie Walker
(including John Blue and his friend John Platinum).

Bobby (my dad, AKA Cruise Director Murphy), Jana, Me, Matt, Susannah, and Shane. 
We really had a fabulous time.  We went cave tubing in Belize, did a tequila conga line at Senor Frogs (Shane described it as being water-boarded with tequila), ate till our pants wouldn't button, and drank more than our fair share.  It was fabulous.  If you're planning on a cruise in the near future, hit me up and I'll give you all the details!  

As always, please leave any questions or comments below! 

And share this blog with your friends, it validates my existence. 

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