Monday, November 18, 2013

Country Blue, Butter Yellow, and Peacock Green: My Kitchen Has Seen It All

Matt and I got very lucky with our house.  There were no major updates that needed to be done, and for that, I am forever grateful to the previous homeowners.  However, there were a few minor color/decor changes that absolutely had to be made.

Matt said he could live with them all, but let's get real, here!  This is the first house I (I mean we) have ever owned and I wanted to make it mine (I mean ours)!

So, after I finished the guest bathroom, I was on a roll and decided that before I came down from my bathroom-do-over-high, I would start on the kitchen.

I've been testing paint colors for what seems like forever.  This is a far cry from choosing the paint color for the bathroom.  That was so easy!  I knew I wanted a Tiffany style blue, so I googled Tiffany Blue paint color, and the Google machine gave me the Behr equivalent.  Piece of cake!

The kitchen was not nearly that easy.  I've always wanted to paint a room orange.  Not pumpkin orange or sherbet orange, but the perfect balance of funky sophistication.  If you type "Perfect orange paint color, not too orange, not too yellow, not too red" in your Google search box, the little man who runs Google will laugh and point his fingers at you.

I'm here to tell you, friends, that perfect color orange does not exist.  Or if it does, I certainly didn't find it.  And this is coming from someone who color tested four different oranges after taping numerous paint cards to the walls for weeks.  Those four were the best of the best, and they looked terrible in my kitchen.

I consulted my friend and color expert, Jean-Marie, and read the enormous amounts of info she gave me on yellow based colors, and why I probably hated them all in my kitchen.  As it turns out, yellow based colors (oranges included) have an adverse affect on human emotions.  She sent me an article written by David Johnson (click here for the article) that explains why I was so turned off by those orangy-yellows.  And then I began to understand.

Parents, read this carefully: Yellow makes babies cry more.

Not to mention, my kitchen was already two different colors of yellow.  Not sure how that happened, because they were two very distinctly different colors. That's probably why I hated it so much to begin with.

These are the oranges I tested:
Autumn Orange


Orange Spice

Vintage Orange
You would think that one of those would work, right?  Wrong.

And you would think that Matt would give me some sort of guidance, but you would also be wrong.  Every time I asked him what he thought he said, "I have no opinion."  Hmph.

I really like him to have no opinion when it comes to some things (like how many pairs of shoes is too many, or my addiction to eBay), but this was something totally different.  I needed guidance, I needed help, I needed someone to make my mind up for me.

That didn't happen.

So, then I tested some greens:

New Bamboo

But I didn't like those either...

So, I did something totally out of character.  I went back to Lowe's, found a color I liked, decided not to buy the 8oz. sample, but instead bought a whole gallon.

I had a breakthrough, stopped being so high-maintenance about paint, and guess what...I love it. 

The winner, and end-all-be-all of green paints is:

Green with Envy

I absolutely, positively, love this color.  Its just funky enough for me, and just sophisticated enough for my house.  If you're looking for a green paint for a large area, I highly recommend it.

Now for the before and after pics:

This was before we moved in, you can see the two different colors,
 but the fireplace is technically in another room, so that's forgivable. 

The two yellows appear again, along with white doors, and natural wood trim.  

 Now it looks like this:

How ya like those funky curtains over the sink?! I love them!!

I can't believe how well my Black Crowes/North Mississippi Allstars concert poster goes with the new color!
That one wooden beam you see was spared due to its twin on the other side of the refrigerator. 

No Flynt kitchen is complete without a view of some deer skulls and a giant jug-o-wine. 

Its amazing what you find when you spend a few hours painting the walls in your house. The previous homeowner was a contractor, so there are features of the house that were puzzle pieced together to make more storage and bring functionality to the space, and I love the character that brings.

I also figured out that the previous homeowner had painted over a ton of wallpaper (and after the bathroom fiasco, I understand why).

But the most interesting thing, is that the wallpaper I found is the same pattern that my parents had in the kitchen of the house I grew up in (country blue with little white dots).  That made me smile.  Boy, country blue was really popular there for a minute.

I also found out that I can not move a refrigerator, freezer, range by myself (Matt has a little heavy lifting to do), so the walls behind those things haven't been painted yet.  (Really, I shouldn't have told you, 'cause why would anyone know that?)

And just in case you are wondering, being tall and standing on a counter top, while bending over slightly to paint overhang will, in fact, give you a back ache, and is a great way to get green paint in your hair.

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