Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Black Crowes: I'm a Lover of the Bayou

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper.  Not too exciting, unless you're the kind of person who browses stationary stores for fun.  I'm certainly not that kind of person.  But, Matt did get me a traditional first anniversary present, in the form of concert tickets.  Yes, real printed, not-in-electronic-format, concert tickets, to see my favorite band of all time. I'm in the process of having them matted and framed now. (The tickets, not the band...)

I adore The Black Crowes.   They are my absolute favorite dirty hippies.  (And I mean that with great affection.)  I own every album.  I know (almost) every lyric.  I even have a line from a Crowes song tattooed on my shoulder.  Their music is cosmic. It never gets old.  There is a song for every mood, from the up-beat 1990 Otis Reading cover "Hard To Handle," to the sad weeping violins of "Girl From A Pawnshop."

I'm not going to tell you my single favorite Crowes song, because there are so many that I love, choosing one would feel like committing adultery on the others.  (I know that's weird, but if you've ever heard a multitude of songs that makes you look deep into your own soul, you'll understand.)  Listed below are some of my regularly-listened-to-tunes.  If you can't find time to listen to them all, I'll just have to accept that, but it doesn't mean I'm happy about it... 

  • Wiser Time - Just like the title would suggest, the lyrics are oh-so-wise.  This song is the source of my tattoo. Favorite Line: "Windswept stars blink and smile. Another song, another mile."
  • Seeing Things For The First Time - Have you ever had a revelation, where all of a sudden, everything made sense?  This is your anthem. Favorite Line: "I used to dream of better days that never came. Sorry don't mean nothing to me. I'm gone and that's they way it has to be."
  • No Speak, No Slave - This is a I'm-not-gonna-take-it-anymore kind of song. Favorite Line: "And you, you want to be heard? None of us understand a word."
  • Cursed Diamond - A song for those times, when you blame yourself for everything...but then you get over it. Favorite Line: "I lose myself, I forget myself, sometimes I fault myself, I might fight myself, but then I make amends." 
  • Soul Singing - One of my favorite songs to sing along to in the car, just don't get lost in the music, and end up lost on the highway. Favorite Line: "I've been down, cascading in blue without a sound. Now I'm trading my black feathers for a crown. So feed me milk and honey, lay me down."
  • Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye - A blues-y, soulful anti-ballad.  Favorite Line: "I don't trust no one who don't take their own advice."  Me neither, my friend.
  • She Talks To Angels - Perhaps the most recognizable (other than Hard to Handle) and mainstream song in the Crowes library, and I still listen to it all the way through. Favorite Line: "She don't know no lover, none that I've ever seen. To her that ain't nothin', but to me, it means everything." 
  • Diamond Ring - A happy and chilled out little love song, with a Crowes style rock 'n' roll vibe. Favorite Line: "Your the reason I want to sing, you make me feel like a king.  I love the sunshine that you bring. I think I'll buy you a diamond ring."
  • Hotel Illness - This song has, perhaps, the most fun lyrics to sing along to. Favorite Line(s): "Oh good heavens baby, where is my medicine? Well, I must have left it outside with my etiquette."  "I got a head full of sermons and a mouth full of spiders. The politics of the world's greatest liars."
  • Miracle To Me - A poetic ballad, almost a lullaby. Favorite Line: "I want to sleep in your moonglow. In my mind, your smile I keep. Head over heels, I go.  Like a dream from a peaceful sleep."
How appropriate that the first song was "Lover of the Bayou!"
No seriously, if The Black Crowes read my blog...I would have a heart attack.
(In a good way.)

The concert was at The Civic Theater in New Orleans, LA, which is a beautiful venue.  If you have a chance to go to a show there, I would highly recommend it.  We had a great time!  The lineup (posted above) was a mixture of Crowe's classics and some covers.  I can honestly say, I enjoyed every minute.  We sat next to a mother/daugher Crowes fan duo, they were so cute!  The highlight of the evening was the Hard to Handle/Hush medley.  It was unbelievable.  I'm still having flashbacks.

Before the concert:
I really did fix my hair, but it rained, so what you see is "humidity hair."
Its the new style.  I'm starting a trend. 

The backdrop changed with each song.
This was "Lover of the Bayou," a cover of a Byrds song.

"Let Me Share The Ride"

I tried to get the whole band in this shot.

They did a double encore of Medicated Goo and No Speak, No Slave.
It was perfection.

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