Monday, November 11, 2013

My Entire Neighborhood Has Hired Me to Remodel All of Their Bathrooms...Not Really, But They Should.

The bathroom remodel is finally done, well, its mostly done.  And that says a lot. If my contractor (and by contractor I mean husband) were home, we would be able to complete the last project and be totally done. (Although, I'm not sure I'll ever be totally done with anything...)

Let's start from the beginning.  The bathroom previously looked like this:

I'm not exactly sure what the design was saying here, but I'm pretty sure it was not saying "leave me alone, I look great!"  In fact, I'm pretty sure this bathroom didn't belong in the house at all.  

There were no other rooms, in the entire house, that had this sort of I-belong-in-an-attorney's-office design quality. Where in the world did it come from?  Would you call that neo-classic wallpaper?  Maybe traditional? I have no idea.  

It didn't take me long to decide that all of that wallpaper had to go!  Although in its own right, the wallpaper wasn't terrible, it certainly wasn't me.  So, about a month after we moved in, I started the demolition.

I don't know if you've ever removed wallpaper, but let me give you some advice: Don't ask me to help.  I am apparently terrible at it. 

I won't go into detail here, because I went into detail on a previous post, but let's just say it was terrible, and it took me 5 months to get all of the wallpaper off of a tiny little guest bathroom. 

If we're getting technical, I spent the majority of those 5 months avoiding that bathroom completely.  I guess you could say it took me 4 months to work up the courage to tackle it after the first week of working my butt off and getting no where.

Put on a happy face!
What's up with my hair in this picture?!
But all of the hard work, overly-dramatic whining, and pillow screaming is over (for now).  

And the bathroom looks beautiful. 

Here's the breakdown:


The wall color is Behr Rhapsody (satin finish).  I bought a gallon, put two coats on the walls, and have two-thirds of it left over. You may be seeing a lot of that color in my house, I don't want to waste all that left-over paint!

It did turn out much brighter than I thought, but I should have anticipated as much.  I have the hardest time picking out paint colors.  I'm always secretly thinking about painting all over again.

And I always notice the paint colors in other people's houses.  I am that crazy person who will ask you if you saved the swatch so I can go have it color matched.

The trim is Glidden paint and primer in one (semi-gloss). Its straight-off-the-shelf-white. I really wanted high-gloss for the trim, but the high-gloss didn't come as a primer-in-one, so I sacrificed a little bit of sheen, for a lot less work. 

The actual color is much more blue than this.


The bath towels came from H&M, as did the hand towels, canvas baskets, soap dispenser, and bubble bath bottle.  (If you haven't noticed, I really kinda love H&M.)

I ordered the fabric for the curtains from Online Fabric Store.  I have learned not to buy fabric anywhere but online from now on. The quality of fabric I've gotten from Online Fabric Store and Hawthorne Threads has been unbeatable for the price.  

I don't even want to know how much the curtain fabric would have cost me at HobLob or Michael's.  I also saved myself a bundle by sewing the curtains myself.  

The soap bottle was $7.95 and the hand towels were $9.95.
The canvas baskets came as a set of two for just $12.95.

I'm a little obsessed with this glass bottle.
It was $12.95, and is filled with Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath in Eucalyptus Spearmint.  


The curtain rod came from WalMart.  I'm not particularly crazy about it, but I'm hoping the focus of the room won't be on the curtain rod, and it was the most appealing of the cheapest curtain rods at WalMart.

The towel hooks and toilet paper holder came from Lowe's, and I wasn't very excited about paying $23 for a toilet paper holder, but I also didn't want the ugly white plastic one, so I gave in.

All of the other hardware (curtain tie-backs, outlet plates, etc.) were already in the bathroom, and I spray painted them white to match the trim. I did this for three reasons.  One: I love to spray paint things.  Two: Spray paint is cheaper than buying new hardware.  Three: Did I mention I love to spray paint things?

The Unfinished Project

You may or may not have noticed there are no mirrors in the bathroom.  Which, is a little funny, when you consider there were three big mirrors in that one tiny bathroom. (Which might have been a strategic move on the previous homeowner's part.  Mirrors make spaces look much bigger than they really are.)

I want to put one mirror back up, but I'd like to frame it.  I just think a framed mirror will look more finished than just sticking the mirror back up on the wall with those little clamp things.  

However, I'll need to wait until Matt is home, as I have no desire to use the table saw all by myself. I would like to keep all of my fingers intact. 

What's Next?

I've already started testing paint samples for our living-room/dining-room/kitchen, which has proven very difficult for me.  It is the largest and most common area of the entire house, so I have to get it just right.

Right now, I'm testing Eddie Bauer's Marigold, Behr's Vintage Orange and Behr's Autumn Orange.  My favorite method for testing paint colors is to buy the smallest sample allowed (at Lowe's, its about 8 oz. for $2.98, at Home Depot is $3.98 for 8oz) and paint a 24"x24" piece of birch board, then hang or place the painted birch board around the room so you can test different areas of light at different times of day.  

I'm often amazed at how different a color looks on a board as opposed to on a paint chip. Then, hanging it on the wall, also shows a totally different color. 

From left to right, then bottom:
Behr Autumn Orange, Behr Vintage Orange, Eddie Bauer Marigold
After testing these three colors, I've decided that my love affair with orange paint is coming to an end, quick fast and in a hurry.  I've moved these three colors around the room(s) for the past week, and each one looks a different shade of hideous.  

My dear friend, Jean-Marie, is an artist, which automatically makes her my paint color coach, and she's suggesting we go for green in the next color test. 

The good news is, there's no wallpaper to strip and the trim will stay the same, so it shouldn't take me 6 months to finish!  (But it might take that long to pick a color...)

If you have any go-to colors (and I mean COLORS, not beige or tan) that have worked well in large spaces, please-please-

please comment below.

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