Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Matt Is Building A Boat

When we first started dating, Matt mentioned to me that if he ever had the time and resources, he wanted to build his own boat.  He even spent some time on Auto-Cad drawing up plans, and often showed them to me with enthusiasm.

Matt is very good at building things, he has patience and skill that often leaves me in total awe.  That man knows how to do EVERYTHING (just don't make fun of how slowly he chops vegetables...he gets the job done, eventually).   If we ever had to "live off the land," we'd be just fine.  Trust me.

And then, the boat building talk just kind of drifted away.  Granted, we did live in the middle of the city, and had a back yard about the size of a pitcher's mound, so there wasn't much room or inspiration for boat building.  But then we moved to the Bayou.

We have an existing boat.  We have a pretty nice existing boat, but before we take it out on a river we're not yet familiar with, Matt wants to replace some parts and do some electrical upgrades, etc.  Only, there are a few problems; 1. Matt hates electrical work and will do almost anything to avoid it; and 2. He has pushed it way back on the priority list; and 3. I am really ready to go out on a boat...for real. 

So, I guess, the most logical thing to do is build a boat!  I mean, he's always wanted to do it.  He has a huge shop that he's been dying to use. He won't have to fiddle with electrical work. And its an opportunity to learn some new skills.  

Here is the progress so far, and please forgive my jargon, I'm not so much up on the boat lingo, while Matt is using words like "transom", I'm like "you know, the back thingy":
See what I mean?

This is what will be the bottom of the boat.  Doesn't Matt look happy?! 

The sides (skirts, if we're getting technical) of the boat.  Gumbo is happy, too!  
The pictures above are from days 1 and 2 of working on the boat.  Below are from days 3, 4, and 5. 

I'm not exactly sure when he built the stand/brace.  I came home from the office on Monday, and he had progressed from the two pictures above, to this. 

Doing important things with a drill and some wire, while wearing Crocs and socks... I love this man! (Check out those fiberglass seems...the man can do anything!)

Gumbo loves spending time in the shop with his daddy.  
 Although he has lots of skills, he did have to borrow my girly purple tool kit to get some wire cutters.  And although I promised myself no one would use those tools but me, he talked me into it with that "what's yours is mine" spill.  Blah blah blah, wedding vows, blah blah blah...  My anxiety took over for just a moment when I though my tool kit might be forever missing its wire cutters, but I'll get over it. After all, he did use my grandmother's antique sewing scissors to cut the fiberglass mesh, and they survived, so far... 

So the finished product is on hold for now.  Matt's been called for crew change this week, so the boat project will be on hold until he gets home next month.  

He has already named it, and after I told him he couldn't name it "Show Me Your ****", he took a more literary route. This is "The Santiago" in the making.  I can't wait for it to be finished so Matt can cross it off his bucket list, and I can finally get out on the river. (I'm just a wee bit selfish right now, OK?)

I'll post more pictures as The Santiago progresses.  

Happy Boat Building from the Bayou!

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