Friday, May 17, 2013

"Don't get all spun up..."

In January of this year, Matt came to me with a goal.  He was tired of renting and tired of living in Midtown.  So Matt decided that we needed to have $XX amount of dollars in our savings account by May 1.  After I got over the initial shock, and stopped laughing (out of panic/hysteria/fear of failure), Matt went through the plan.  It actually seemed feasible,  like it would work, and we wouldn't be eating Ramen noodles and Vienna Sausages for 5 months.  I was actually pretty excited, and I started thinking of ways I could save money.  It was like a game, and we were doing great.  BUT, the plan went a little out of whack.  See, we had planned to save until May, then start looking in June/July, and probably buy in August.  We should have known better.  We are not plan people.  I love to plan, but because of Matt's schedule and the unpredictability of when he'll be home, then gone, I've learned to let go.  And that is a good thing.

We had been looking for a house, but not looking for a house.  We were just feeling out the market, seeing what was available in our price range and in what areas.  Then, at the suggestion of my parents, we Googled homes in Saraland, AL.  I typed two plus bedroom, two plus bathrooms, one plus acre, in Saraland. ONE house resulted in the search engine.  One perfect house.  The listing was too good to be true.  It was 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, 1.65 acres, on the WATER, and IN OUR PRICE RANGE.  How could this be possible?  And it gets better!  The house also comes with a covered boat dock and private boat launch. And we just so happen to own a boat.

The next night, we drove out to Saraland.  Trying not to get too excited, we pulled into the drive way, and I knew this was our house.  I tend to get overly excited and anxious about things, Matt calls it getting "spun up," and I was certainly spun up about this house.  Matt is very level headed, very responsible, does not get overly excited about things easily, doesn't get carried away in the moment.  I guess you could say, he is the peanut butter to my jelly.  When I'm wiggling and jiggling, he's holding steady.  He was walking around the property, arms crossed, eyebrows wrinkled, forehead creased, and then he asked me, "Do you like this house?  Because if you don't like this house, you need to tell me right now."   I replied, "I love this house!"  And wouldn't you know, level headed, responsible Matt replied with "Me too! Call the Realtor "

So, in the interest of not boring you with the gory details of inspections (our house passed with flying colors), pre-approvals (thank goodness for Matt's stellar credit), mortgage and insurance companies (pain in the tuckus my friends), and power of attorney documents (he's an oilfield man, and I get to sign his name), we closed exactly 5 weeks later.

  See that black and white kitty?  That's Domino, and we bought her house. You might say that we bought a very expensive kitty, who came with a free house.  You can see her in the first picture of this post. The previous homeowners moved only about a mile down the road, and when they moved, they took Domino with them, but she came back.  They would come back and get her, and she was find her way "home."  Mr. and Mrs. Dickson were at a loss as of what to do, so they put a stipulation in the contract.  Whoever buys the house, gets custody of Domino.  Mr. Dickson loved her very much, and it shows.  There are two built-in cat doors in the house, two cat ramps outside the house, and a custom built cat bed on the corner of the house.  Domino is very spoiled.  Mr. Dickson also continues to bring me a 10 pound bag of Domino's favorite food once a month.  I'm not sure if she has adjusted well to us being in her house, but she has gradually become a bit more friendly.  In fact, I almost think we could be friends if Gumbo and Chopper would cooperate.

We are slowly settling into our new house, Domino, Gumbo, Chopper, Matt and I.  And we realize how very blessed we are to have found our perfect place.  Matt has been exploring the river in his kayak and is getting the boat ready for summer.  My dad has been fishing off of our dock.  We built a fire pit, and started renovations on one of the guest bathrooms.  It has been a good first month.

If you're ever in Saraland, stop by!  I would love to show you around the bayou!

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